Socially and Environmentally Responsible
Investment Opportunities

We offer the opportunity to own a part of Finca Java at our flagship farm Finca El Peten. The model is based on our ability to offer not only working farms, but also turn-key management services for these farms.  We provide the land, then manage it for you. This results in the unprecedented opportunity to own land which creates its own positive cash flow.  We anticipate that an investor could actually pay for the land with its profits overtime without having to personally manage their own coffee farm. All will have access to all the benefits being part of a fully functioning self sufficient farm where we produce near everything.

Each investor would be able to build a house on their farm.  Finca Java would manage the coffee production under a long-term agreement.  This enables the investor to have a home in the midst of beautiful green coffee plants shaded by statuesque oaks with stunning views of Lake Apanas and the surrounding mountains without having to manage it.  We offer all of this for the price of a small residential lot. They are protected by Finca Java’s larger holdings of the surrounding lands while providing employment to the local population, creating a stable and amicable investment climate.  Small investors have the security that their adjacent land holders are managed under Finca Java also.  This means that they have no need to worry about having undesirable tract development next door.
This is driven by a strategy of cooperation with the local community and raising environmental consciousness.  Finca Java, S.A. subscribes to the idea that an empowered, stable, and educated local population enhances secure long-term returns on investment.  We have seen too many areas where irresponsible development has created an underlying climate of fear and resentment which ultimately exacts its toll on long term property values.


FINCA JAVA has created a few select opportunities to own your own farm and have it managed for you. It is in the spirit of responsible development that provides employment to the people while preserving the beautiful natural environment in which we grow organic coffee.

This is an organic eco-friendly endeavor. No chemical fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides will be used. The natural flora and fauna will be enhanced by our use. Your neighbors will be on the same program. We plan to provide for all our needs on the farm through organic orchards, beef, poultry, egg production.

  • Haciendas are + 5 Acres Fee Simple With Title Insurance
  • Each Hacienda will be named by Owner
  • All Haciendas are for one residence only
  • House location to be determined (approx. 1 acre)
  • Water will be provided
  • Power will be provided
  • Roads will be maintained

El PETEN will be a world class destination resort and will include:

  • Tourist Hotel
  • First Class Restaurant
  • Marina and Dock
  • Fishing and boat rentals
  • Full coffee processing beneficio and roasting operation open
    to public educational tours. We are on the current coffee
    route created by INTUR, Nicaragua’s Tourism Institute.
  • Stables, horses
  • Nicaragua’s first organic golf course
  • Tennis courts

The few coffee Hacienda partnerships will have full use of these facilities. To preserve the integrity of the farm:

  • No sub-division of Haciendas will be allowed
  • We will manage and maintain all coffee under long term contract
  • We will split profit after cost
  • Each Hacienda will produce approx. 3000 lbs of coffee
  • We can bag, and label (any you wish) your coffee and you
    can market it.  Organic coffee sells for up to $15 a pound
  • Or we can buy your coffee at market

Nicaragua Map
nicaragua map


Jinotega Map
jinotega map


Lake Apanas Map
apanas map


Finca El Peten Map
el peten

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