Finca El Peten hosted a party for the outgoing mayor – 01/09


JT and I hosted a party for the outgoing mayor and all associated dignitaries this weekend at El Peten. The thing was a big success and a couple hundred people showed up. We are establishing great community ties and developing quite a reputation. There were at least five reporters, two from TV stations, and many interviews were conducted. Awards and plaques were handed out and long, emotional speeches were the flavor of the day.


We took everybody for a tour through the farm, including the carpentry shop, the reception area, the bar/restaurant, the hotel and the tasting room, where our potential international coffee buyers can come and cup the regions coffees. It is one of the potential markets for our hacienda that we feel has great promise. The tour included the vegetable and herb gardens, chickens, cows, goats, bees, pigs, rabbits, and all the associated products that they generate. We also showed them the fruit orchards and the precious wood production that is initiated in our nurseries.

The model demonstrations are critical to provide an impressive image of what we offer and what we are doing. All the disciplines must have viable working examples that people can easily tour and appreciate. Romualdo made a nice path down to the boat launch last week with bamboo railings, also made a floating dock with some 50 gallon barrels, quite impressive!

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Finca El Peten hosted a party for the outgoing mayor – 01/09

We hosted a party for the outgoing mayor and all associated dignitaries this weekend at El Peten.

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